Dynamic wedding poses will make your wedding photography come to life.

In the new Wedding Posing Guide, we show you exactly how to instruct your couples to do this.

We all know that: A wedding is not a walk in the park for photographers.

The wedding day is often very tightly scheduled. There’s not much room for try-outs – that’s why you have to be really confident in what you do. For the bridal couple shoot there are often only 30 minutes or less available to complete the photo shoot. And in no matter what time – you have to deliver great photos to statisfy your customers. And build a convincing portfolio to get booked by future clients.

At the beginning of my career 8 years ago, I often had sleepless nights and was also a bit »scared« of what could possibly go wrong. This is because self-confidence is not yet very high at the beginning of wedding or portrait photography due to a lack of experience.

Do you know these problems?

  • What should I even say at the bridal couple shoot?
  • How do I get my bridal couple to adopt natural poses?
  • What do people think of me if I give the wrong instruction?
  • The bride and groom sense my insecurity and feel insecure themselves as a result.
  • Instead of giving targeted instructions, I constantly take photos of the same pose out of nervousness

Instead, it could just be like this:

  • I can give confident instructions at any wedding or portrait photo shoot
  • I am no longer afraid to order something »stupid« with an uncertain result
  • The relaxed posing creates great photos with a natural look
  • I use these photos to build up a convincing portfolio that people like to book me for
  • Even with very short shoots, I deliver a lot of good photos with specific instructions
  • The bride and groom feel well instructed and therefore feel more confident in front of the camera

Get all 67 Posing Guide cards today and develop a portfolio that bridal couples will love to book you for.

The solution: Our new posing guide in card format.

Together with Dominik Garban, I have been photographing weddings professionally since 2016 under the name Authentic Wedding Photography. Today I make my living as a full-time photographer in wedding photography.

From our 8 years of experience we developed more than just a card game: The posing cards can change your whole business by showing you directly what to do and instruct for dynamic photos.

The cards are delivered digitally so that you can simply save them right on your smartphone. This way you have the cards always with you. Whether for studying, as a reminder in stressful situations or even as a mood board for the bride and groom.

With the cards you receive:

  • Our established system from 8 years of wedding photography to make bridal couples pose in a dynamic and vivid way
  • A solid learning foundation to take your couple portraits to the next level
  • If everything goes wrong on the wedding day: an emergency plan on your mobile phone to take good photos even in the event of a blackout or total stress
  • A collection of sample images that you can also show the bride and groom for guidance

Thanks to your work in the well-paid wedding industry, this investment will be recouped by the next booking.

A little insight

This is what the posing cards look like

Simple design for quick instructions

Each card has a picture that you can also show directly to the bride and groom as an example. There is also a text with specific instructions that you give the couple.

You can find a comprehensive insight and the first tips free of charge in the accompanying wedding poses blog post.

Wedding Posing Guide

Photography cards

  • 67 digital cards with directly applicable practical tips
  • JPG and PDF file format
  • English and German versions included
  • Optimized to display on your smartphone
  • Upcoming updates and extensions free of charge


Incl. VAT.

Purchase processing via payment partner Copecart. Immediate delivery as a digital download.

Frequently asked questions

Are the cards also available in printed form?

No. The concept is based on having the cards always with you. For this reason, the digital cards are designed to save and display them on your smartphone. So you can study them on the go and always have them with you at the photo shoot for spontaneous instructions or as inspiration photos.

Dominik Garban & Markus Thoma

Photographers and creators of the guide

Markus Thoma and Dominik Garban met for the first time at a photo get-together in 2016. After that they started their Authentic Wedding Photography project.

The goal: to photograph the wedding day in an authentic and honest way. And to capture pure emotions on the camera sensor without staged scenes.

After 8 years of professional wedding routines, they now pass on their techniques in the new posing cards and thus help others to get started in wedding photography with a lively portfolio.

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